Sunday, 31 July 2011


Almost two month we get to UPSR.
And we we're will do 'Gerak Gempur'
So. do it your best.

Soalan Science

In screw there have:

i      wedge
ii      wheel and axle
iii     inclined plane
iv     pulley

A   i and ii                                    B   i and iii
C   i and iv                                   D   ii and iv

Monday, 27 June 2011

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Sunday, 26 June 2011


PAPER 2.Question 1-10
Write your answer in the post comment.
Tulis jawapan anda didalam pos komen.

1. Write in words 4 889 123
2. Convert _4_ to a mixed number
3. Find the number of lines of symmetry of the square
4. State the number of vertices of cube
5. The statement shows characteristic of a solid
     i-Has two edges
    ii-Has two curved face
   iii-No vertices
 What solid is that?

6. 3/8-1/4
7. 48% of 950
8.3 days 11 hours + 4 days 17 hours
9.7800 - 460- 3295
10. Calculate 95 sen*12. Give the answer in RM.

* is multiplication
/ is division or fraction


My name is Hazwan. I live at Taman Desa Baiduri. I school at S.K. Desa Baiduri. I'm 12 years old. Ilove my friends, teachers and my family.

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Soalan UPSR

Yesterday, Encik Razif ______ a bouquet of carnations to his wife for her birthday.

Soalan UPSR

This is a three substances:

R: lemon juice
S: watermelon juice
T: shampoo
U: antibiotic

Which is acidic?

A   R and U
B   R only
C   T and U
D   U only